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Post by waechter418 » Sun Apr 10, 2022 9:57 pm

Most of our thoughts & beliefs are attempts of Mind to realize itself and bring about religions, philosophies, sciences, cosmologies, collective- ego- and innumerable other constructs, as well as plenty of problems & confusions.

“Our essence of mind is intrinsically pure. If we knew our mind perfectly and realized what our Self-nature truly is, all of us would be enlightened.” (liberated)
Hui Neng

"Know thy Self" is the first maxim inscribed on the temple wall of Apollo at Delphi (ca.450 BC) and made famous by Socrates who said “Knowledge is inherent in man, not outside. Wisdom is to recollect.”
That it made it barely beyond philosophical exercises, is probably because in the Occident developed around the same time the ratio of Dualism which confines Knowledge to operations of the intellect and Self to the Ego-complex.

Being more openminded Oriental, foremost Daoist, Hindu & Buddhist thinkers researched this omnipresent, yet evasive, organism called Mind for more than 2000 years and came – despite their widely varying ways of investigation– to the conclusion that Mind is responsible for All.
The phenomena of existence are in perpetual motion - they manifest instantaneous and contact the senses as flashes of energy - Mind interprets the reactions of the senses.

“What we have called matter is energy whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses”
(Albert Einstein)

“It has been stated that during these contacts, both the sense-organ and the object with which it is in contact undergo changes because both are aggregates of particles in movement.
The intensity of the different contacts varies. Only some among them awake an echo in the mind.”
“Secret oral teachings in Tibetan Buddhist Sects” by Alexandra David-Neel

As the energy flashes that contact the senses reach mind at random, its self- and reality constructs are incoherent.
And as the reactions of the mind turn into actions that effect reactions, action/reaction-chains come about, whose endings are unforeseeable and beginnings hard to recall.
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