The Eden House Facebook Update - 21st April, 2016

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The Eden House Facebook Update - 21st April, 2016

Post by Destroy Earth! » Sun Apr 24, 2016 5:56 pm

The Eden House

21 April at 03:04

It's been quite a while since our last update, so apologies for that. We've had to deal with some health issues, and more than our fair share of bad times, but things seem to be on the move again!
We had a very productive meeting with Jungle Records last week, and things are in motion. Firstly we can announce that the amazing Monica Richards is working with us on the new album. Her new contributions sound stunning and we cant wait for you to hear them. The new material is a return to the denser layered style of Smoke & Mirrors but with new edges and influences pushing it in some interesting directions. Monica has also tentatively agreed to travel to Europe to play some shows with us when the album is released so fingers crossed for that. Theres an embryonic idea to do "An Evening with The Eden House & Monica Richards" show which would see us doing 2 hour sets combining Eden House material and songs from Monica past and present. Let us know if you want to see this show in your town! There are also plans to travel north of Watford wink emoticon
Simon Hinkler will be joining us again on the new album, expect a Youtube vid to show some excerpts from that session! We would also like to welcome vocalist Louise Crane (ex Solemn Novena) to the project. Louise has already recorded some beautiful guide vocals on a track titled "Misery" and will be travelling the UK soon to record more with us.
In some of the downtime we have also scored a full instrumental soundtrack for a film that will be released in late 2016. Some of this may see a vinyl/CD release at some point. We also plan to do an online live studio 'broadcast' this summer, with us recording one off versions of old and new material, coupled with a live Q&A, which will be made availble for download immediately following the session.
The album release date is still TBC. Thanks for bearing with us and you *will* hear from us soon!


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Re: The Eden House Facebook Update - 21st April, 2016

Post by xseawitch » Fri May 06, 2016 10:21 pm

I loved Louise Crane's vocals in Solemn Novena and Raven Adore, very much in the vein of Julianne Regan, looking forward to new music from the Eden House.
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Re: The Eden House Facebook Update - 21st April, 2016

Post by Eddie Shit » Wed Mar 10, 2021 4:50 pm

A sad end to it all, two years ago.

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