New "Surrender To My Will Demo" on FB

Guess this band doesn't need any closer presentation. If you don't know of them (shame on you) you should check them out immediately. They play live on a regular basis and release records.

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New "Surrender To My Will Demo" on FB

Post by delle1111 » Thu Sep 10, 2020 1:21 pm

Hi Dawnrazors,

not much to laugh during the last years as no one did new releases of our favourite bands. Especially in these times no gigs are in sight toooooo.

So check out new demo teaser on NFD´s FB

Sounds great but tooooooo short ;-)

Well Done Bob. Looking forward as WTD release is toooooo long ago

Best wishes from Germany to you all

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Re: New "Surrender To My Will Demo" on FB

Post by Hat_Shades » Wed Sep 16, 2020 11:37 pm

Good to see these guys still keeping it alive.

That first album, back in the day, was 'big news' in a time where hideous future pop was still 'hype'.

"Light my way" was the quintessential hit-anthem of that decade, though the album was weaker than the 1st.

"Enraptured" is probably their most powerful statement to date -- [not so] humble personal opinion.

Makes one figure what might have been if the '98 promise had been kept -- if Tony and Carl maintained a project of more chaotic/experimental sounds.

"What might have been" is a recurring question in this story, aint it?

Then again - "time is a flat circle".

"Thus, what had previously been would return yet again"/

Let's see what NFD puts on the table.
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