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 Post subject: Shine
PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 2:52 am 

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We'll always be together
We'll always be together
Forever, forever, forever
Sweet dreams

Mirror, mirror
This is the place where love is broken down
I'm barely free as I want you now
Misery, seems so cold out
Misery, am I dead now
Shine, enlighten me, shine
Shine, awaken me, shine
Shine for all your suffering, shine
Shine, she's mine

My face now pressed against the glass
The winter here it seems to last
Mirror, what they see
Misery in me
Shine, enlighten me, shine
Shine, awaken me, shine
Shine for all your suffering, shine
Shine Malachi
Shine like a mirror reflecting, like the sun shines
Something that comes from above
When all that remains falls below
Bow before Hecate
Man of fortune, man of shame
She's gonna reach for the hearts of all of you
And I know her eyes are true

In a fatal world
They're afraid of what she brings
In an unknown world
There are fears of nothing
I'm not afraid, no, I'm not afraid
I will bring her down
Lord, I'm barely human
I could raise her now
But I can't bear to lose her
No, I'm not afraid, no, I'm not afraid
I'm freezing, I'm waiting
All winter, her season
Asleep now, I wait here
Awaken, I can't let go

The winter, the winter
The winter, the winter
The winter, the winter
The winter, the winter
She's here again, is this the end?
Here there's nothing left, laid to rest now
Can't look away, I keep holding her
Winter without me seems so beautiful
Be not afraid of the ways she brings
No, I'm not afraid of the way she shines
I'm dreaming all night, all night

Is this what the song is refearing to ?

Clip from The Shining :

are there sound clips from this movie in FOTN music some where?

other clips from the Shinning - Room 237:

I just can't seem to find them scary. I mean, the massive afro pics and the shagtastic decore, and then, yeah its a drag the ladys make up washed off and all and she wasn't what he bargined for but he was no prize himself. I don't get what is scary about an old lady with psoriasis and a bad sense of humor? I'm sure ER nurses see this sort of thing daily. Ok perhaps that IS pretty scary. Still, seems more the making of a comedy skit to me :lol:

as far as the song it sounds like a very sad tale of someone longing for a girl they can't really have because as far as they know, they are not real, just a fantasy from a reoccurring dream. The shine part perhaps has to do with this 'vision'?

Reminds me of something else too. I could interpret it as a metaphor for how people will dream of having that thing or that person they really want and when they are in pursuing mode, obtainment of that dream seems so enticing, but when they get to the reality of that person( or object) or have it/them for a while, that fantasy looses its shine. Because the pursuer was in love with the idea of that person (or item) not the reality of them. but that isn't true love , its possession.

That to me seems the mistake with many peoples ideas of love. And where they go wrong that leads to things like addiction. It creates a sense of lack and a void to be filled that never can. (Which I see as different for social interaction attention and affection.those are legit needs)

Yet there are some that not afraid to love truly , deeply and unconditionally. That can be the key to everything that was hoped for and more.

Because they realize love is not truly a thing to be obtained from without, something they can possess, but instead is a great power that emanates from within.

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