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 Post subject: Games eventual influence or reference in lyrics
PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2020 10:17 am 
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The Neph lyrics make many reference to demons from Lovecraft and asides. However as I'm not into Lovecraft, Crowley, neither a gamer - tried playing 25 years ago and stopped quickly because of the damage effects of too much screen exposure and already enough stuff in this life turns ourselves into zombies - I've wondered many times whether video games had an impact in the Neph lyrics, and which ones of them. What do you think?

For instance about Hollow Doll lyrics : it reads as "your form's divine" which is likely to be of interest linked to the term Form Divine

<The Divine Form is the true immortal form of the gods in which all of their essence is in one place. Looking upon a god in this state will incinerate and destroy any mortal onlooker. Titans also have a divine form, which differs from that of the Olympians in that they are able to destroy mortal beings simply by being in their very presence. It is unknown if this is because the divine form of a Titan is more powerful than that of a god, it may simply be more volatile and chaotic, or it could also be the gods have either better control over this ability, or more reason to control it. It grows brighter when a god or Titan is angry.

Gods in this fully manifested state are roughly humanoid beings radiant with the true, unbridled power of their divine essence. Their bodies are enveloped in an intense light, which seems to differ in color based on the god, along with waves of power and energy which is capable of decimating everything in visual range. Mortals cannot witness a god in this form, lest they burn up from the sight. This does not seem to apply when the mortal is present in spirit and not in body, as Jason survived a demonstration of Hera's divine form when she appeared to him in a dream. Percy also survived seeing Poseidon's divine form through Kronos' smokescreen.>


with a parallel to "his looks could kill" of Endemoniada lyrics.
Btw another version of it is audible in the Fallen version available here where I rather hear :

"What it feels unreal when i force you to sleep under will
Think about this it's long slow kill"


Evil boyish or whatever, the lyrics of this song are really weird. Feeling with this song like in front of a painting : there is what you see, where it brings you wandering and wondering what was in the artist's mind for painting it.

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