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 Post subject: Re: Correcting misquoted Lyrics found online.
PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 7:51 pm 

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Ngie wrote:

:idea: Kuthru => Cut through which matches well with (from wikipedia): "a crest is the point on a wave with the maximum value or upward displacement within a cycle. A trough is the opposite of a crest, so the minimum or lowest point in a cycle. " Since music is about playing with waves 8)

very clever Ngie!

speaking of playing in the waves, for those tech minded and of a curious nature, here is something that explains why people mishear lyrics and come up with different ones.

a short article with example of bistable auditory illusions:

a lengthy PDF on auditory conflicts and illusions:

https://www.usaarl.army.mil/pages/publi ... usions.pdf

Our brains tend to fill in the gaps and draw conclusion in the absence of reliable information. Which can lead to sensory illusions. I think this gets people in trouble in many ways. They assume too much and know too little.

People with certain mental health disorders , seem to have a malfunction in this mechanism by where their brains are on this sort of overload of finding connections , such as OCD or in a paranoid state. With halucinatory illusions, a lack of separation between their concious and subconcious mind where they are in a dream like state. Addiction seems a sort of misconnection in need forfillment.
I dont have addictions , loath poisons, dont drink or smoke, and don't have a mental health disorder myself ( though know I make people wonder because Im just too goofy, creative and cheecky lol thats ok by me ha ) so I can only speak from what Ive read and observered in others. But I have been very ill at times in states of delirium and impaired cognitive function,so I feel I've had a glimpse of what it must be like.

such as what happened when I had a near fatal reaction to my cancer meds, combined with the head injury , not fun, I halucinated my partner was Bob Marley singing 3 Little Birds (he wasnt singing) lol which actually really got me through that critical time! I couldnt really think , just repeat "three little birds" over and over but somehow I knew what that ment. My brains survival mechanism? Though if he really did channel you Bob , thanks ...of note I didn't know Bob died of untreated cancer until after...

Bob's message:

And then you have situations where something is very true, but not understood or believed and assumed to not be true. Or was not true then becomes so. Ive had this happen to me in my scrutiny and skepticism, to my detriment. Generally having more of that than faith or trust. But as a good friend once said "keep an open mind but not so open that your brains fall out" So perhaps not a bad thing. Still I wonder where the balancing point is. I am very regretful of what I've missed. But things happen as they are destined.

Perception is a tricky, fallible thing as we all try to make sense of the universe and our experiences. Hard to say what is and isn't true. We all do the best we can to navigate. Hope that information helps plot a straighter course.

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