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 Post subject: What Fields of the Nephilim was about eventually
PostPosted: Sun Aug 23, 2020 11:09 pm 
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So this is reality, the sad truth behind it :(

Nephilim Reversal Grid
The NRG system keeps electron reversal distortions feeding the patriarchal domination archetypes of tyranny as assumed by males and females as within their “accepted” roles of identity which are shaped into societal norms through Mind Control.
This results in a bevy of highly destructive mental belief systems and emotional body schisms that self enforce enslavement behaviors in the population.
These schisms are highly dysfunctional to the point they create genetic damage in the 2nd and 4th chakra layer functioning of the Lightbody.
These archetypes were once “creational myths” to play out in the polarity game of Victim-Victimizer but became a massive source of resources (food) for the Controllers.
As these archetypes were then used to negatively Mind Control people into separation and slavery, the population digressed (then societal behavior patterns digressed) into aggressive anti-human, robotic and disconnected behavior that self enforces the population enslavement to serve the NAA. 

Nephilim Reversal Mind Control
This dark cycle of human evolution through the Patriarchal Domination has been influenced and manipulated in many different ways, however, since this holographic Mind Control system is breaking down in places, it is freeing many of the males from being in its “grasp”.
Largely what this NRG (nephilim reversal grid- 3D mind control system) system was designed to do was to control the patriarch or male to be the “enforcer” of the female principle suppression and act as a tyrant of the peoples.

This also condoned the False King of Tyranny archetype, a tyrant, power hungry Controller, to be glorified as an aspiring alpha male model for the young boys.
Especially in the Western World, we groomed our boys to be mostly tyrants in our society.
(Note: In modern usage, the word “tyrant” carries connotations of a harsh and cruel ruler who places his or her own interests or the interests of a small elite group or family, over the best interests of the general population, one which the tyrant governs or controls).
During this phase many more males will awaken into their true understanding of “power” and accept their rightful kingship ( archetypally, the public servant and benevolent ruler) in order to receive the spiritual “Rod” of initiation. This is the beginning stage of Magnum Opus Alchemy on the Earth which is necessary to allow for the next phases of our Ascension Cycle that manifests the Trinitized Form Embodiments. This includes Spiritual Marriages in No Time.

Nephilim Reversal Grid – NRG
False King of Tyranny
The Crucifixion Strategy is an example of an artificially bent light architecture to create the mental archetype and therefore belief system of Salvation as a requirement through “Redemption” in a NAA fabricated violent religion based on Blood Sacrifice.

"The collective consciousness of Black Magic Grids were controlled and installed by the consciousness of an Atlantian teacher and Solar Lord archetype Aleister Crowley and his mentor Thoth, and the Negative Aliens. According to remote session intelligence collected and Guardian mentorship, Aleister Crowley is a key figure in cooperating with the NAA, starting from Grey Alien contact with a entity called Aiwass made in Cairo, Egypt in April 1904. The manipulation of consciousness technology and the world of forces for Service to Self and Negative Ego purposes without regard for the consent or consequence of others. There are many different levels of the propagation of Black Magic. Black Magic is a form of Satanism. Advanced SRA rituals include Blood Sacrifice, Pedophilia and Sodomy that are considered the path to the Typhonian Tradition used in order to manifest immortality for the people engaged with these NAA forces, which they consider to be more powerful than Christ, the Solar Deity."

Aleister Crowley is the alien contactee that served the Armageddon Software timelines and was manipulated to enforce the Black Magician archetype for Satanic forces to increase SRA on the earth. Crowley's archetype is synonymous with Black Magician as his massive Negative Ego was exploited from his previous incarnation as a Solar Templar Lord in Atlantis. Crowley was used to influence people to make Satanism extremely popular on the earth, mostly as a reaction to the NAA religions that were losing popularity for mind controlling the masses. The NAA was interested to control the middle east completely, and used the area of original NAA invasion to manipulate Crowley into becoming their poster boy for activating their replicated creation code, the Baphomet and its feedlines into the parasitic Imposter Spirits.

"Aleister Crowley was contacted in Cairo, Egypt in 1904 by Negative Grey Reptilian Aliens (Aiwass) to begin his indoctrination to support the negative alien agenda. He was instrumental infiltrating the Secret Societies where he gave consciousness tools, rituals and artifacts to the Illuminati. This began the human history of black ops (shadow government), the military industrial complex which shared negative alien technology in exchange for human souls, human abduction and genetic mutation experiments. In most cases these souls were ritualized and bound in the Thothian black magic grids to entrap them so they could be "siphoned".

Top 5 Archontic Strategies
The Big Five AD Strategies to generate more AD Negative Ego Behaviors and spread their anti-human value systems in the human public are:
1. Divide and Conquer
2. Victim/Victimizer
3. Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misery
4. Child Abuse and Child Sacrifice
5. Misogyny.
https://www.disclosurenews.it/wp-conten ... minile.jpg https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Thothian_Grid

The Negative Alien agenda NAA is to force the planet to serve another multiple species Controller agenda, through imposing false replicated time fields using bio-warfare technology such as Holographic Inserts, AI and Mind Control, namely created under genetically “reptilian based” Archons extraterrestrials, at the expense and life force of the human race and the kingdoms under human domain.

The NAA can be best understood as a Psychopathic personality or identity profile with a Lack of Empathy that has no feelings of remorse.

For a more happy note and insight for change : Blueprint

Consciousness is energetic intelligence which can be both undifferentiated units of qualities of energy or arranged in specific blueprints that direct or influence all matter forms. What is contained in the blueprint will govern the form (govern the body and thought-forms), and direct the intelligence and the energies associated with that blueprint. The 12 Tree Grid and the Lightbody are Holographic blueprint matrices that are built upon sequences of Sacred Geometry.

... in order to change the body or heal the heart, one must first change or heal the energetic blueprint and/or spiritual plan. When we become aware of painful distortions we have the power through applied consciousness to change our energetic blueprint. This example is well understood in the field of general construction; to add another bedroom, put recessed lighting in a kitchen, to re-wire the electrical outlets, one would hire a construction crew to draw up the plans and then remodel the existing home structure to reflect those plans. If the plans are drawn up shoddy, if the workers are careless about the quality of their work, and the supervisor is without knowledge to build to the specification in the plans, the final result of the new construction can be disastrous.

Humanity has experienced the same disastrous result to their home planet by following the energetic blueprint put in place by the alien controllers. This planet is our home and it’s guided by alien sociopaths of the NAA using an energetic blueprint designed to harm and enslave the human race through behaviors that inflict soul damage and heart abuse. In order to change this structure we have to recognize the Alien Machinery blueprint and how the controllers of the False King of Tyranny capitalize on the collective fear of humanity to keep it in place. When we can recognize the fear Mind Control program, we can refuse its control over our personal sovereignty as eternal soul beings. This gives us the personal power to replace the Alien Implanted blueprint with a new healthy, balanced, life affirming, and humanitarian plan for our individual selves, relationships, our families, children, communities and eventually the entire planet.
Achieving Inner Balance to Spiritual Marriage

This “construction crew” example works in the exact same way for every part of our personal multidimensional energy bodies; there are plans for each body that govern exactly how that body functions, at all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If one is willing to become aware of these bodies, one can increase the health of the bodies to reconnect to higher levels in order to remove stress, fear, confusion and pain. As one grows in awareness and desires to connect with the consciousness intelligence of each body’s “blueprint plan”, one is able to make (frequency) alterations that impact how that body and its energies function. (This is a direct function of the HGS template, building new plans for the self, humanity and the planet) As the bodies and their energies function in a more connected cohesive manner, they begin to integrate and reconnect the intelligent energies communicating between each other. That reconnection to intelligent energies includes the ability of the physical body to communicate between the Soul Matrix, the Monad (oversoul) and the Christos Avatar. The Christos Avatar changes the energy architecture (plan) to reflect trinitized forms (which override all previous intermediaries that have acted vampiric towards the being) in order to directly exchange with the eternal source. Eventually when stabilized this purges the shadow selves and this higher “inner” communication changes all of the external communication in one’s personal relationships. One goes beyond karmic entanglements of shadow manipulation, relationship confusion and expands to a new ability to experience and enjoy truly loving balanced and healthy relationships. This is a direct result of one’s spiritual ascension progress, one's direct relationship with God and Christ, which results in inner spiritual marriage or Hieros Gamos.

April 2013 Newsletter https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Blueprint

How to put things the right way then : https://energeticsynthesis.com/index.ph ... principles

Healing the False Parent

Humanity’s greatest task during the Ascension Cycle is to heal their personal emotional trauma around sexual pain, and gender wounding that is related to the False Parent archetype.

There are groups of people that are having heart openings and are choosing to have more loving kindness and peace in their lifestyle.
There are groups of people that are closing down their heart from unresolved emotional pain and suffering, and they are unconsciously creating more chaos, negativity and stress in their lifestyle. When these different choice levels surface in intimate relationships such as marriages or partnerships, the conflict can be extremely explosive, emotional and painful. Before the awakening process, many people choose partners or spouses that carry karmic patterns of pain associated or familiar to them from childhood, based on the False Parent. If we have a False Parent relationship during this time of the collective pain body surfacing on the planet, we will be under intense pressure to resolve this emotional conflict and make different choices in our future direction. We must find the emotional blockage that acts as a barrier to further our spiritual growth, or the relationship will end. As difficult as it may be in the short term, ending unhealthy relationships is much better for our growth and happiness in the longer term.

People that are run by their unconscious mind or pain body, may have little to no control over their reactions and impulses at this time. They will have no comprehension of the False Parent or Sexual Misery overlays running in the environment and in other people. As a result, they will unconsciously play out these impulsive behaviors of the False Parent in their relationships, and these dysfunctional patterns will magnify and get worse. All things that are hidden must be seen and observed in order to be healed and energetically shifted in our relationships. Most people are not good communicators or able to communicate feelings very well. This is especially true when it comes to all matters concerning intimate relationships and sexuality.

At this time, we have an opportunity to come into the greater realization that our true Parent is our God Parent, and our God Parent is calling us home during the Ascension Cycle. When we are capable to love and parent ourselves, our body becomes a beloved friend, a safe and secure space. Our intimate relationships and marriages are transformed through loving ourselves and we are moved into healthier states of being to create more loving and peaceful relationships.


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