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 Post subject: Rant of opinions on opinions about FOTN , and other thoughts
PostPosted: Sat Jan 25, 2020 9:27 pm 

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first off as for me, well im still prowling around as I can. Listening. skip this first part if you only want to hear about FOTN but it relates.

i am told there is a savant drummer at the music therapy studio they are going to hook my savant protege up with. omg if it works out , the potential for the greatest rythm section ever.... I better get my chops up!

I hope they have a few others to complete the band...

I would love to see this pan out and become a vehicle to draw attention to the plight of such people , so neglected, so little support, being treated like they dont even deserve to live, let alone find purpose and happiness. When in reality they carry huge burdens we cant even imagine. Not only do they miss out, but the world misses out on what they have to offer and inspire.The 'special needs' and 'disabled' when they should be supported as the 'specially abled' . They should be appreciated for their strength and courage as survivors and warriors.

I'm so greatful for my friend Jason Becker. He has shown the world what people can do and inspire, with support, His story in song.


On that note of a show of support

I've bore witness to the harsh criticisms of the fans saying Carl doesn't respect them. Here and elsewhere.( Even a comment on Facebook that the FOTN crew were intentionally trying to rip people off because of a late T-shirt shipment!)
I would think he WOULD lose respect for certain fans in light of some peoples attitudes.

But over and over now in interviews I hear the opposite from him. Do fans take his comments as lies, pacification and mockery of them? Some sort of cruel trick to exploit them, take their money while putting out the least effort? Do people seriously think he is out to annoy his fans and disrespect them? To rip them off and ruin his reputation? Doesn't that seem contrary?

Playful cajoling and taking the piss in a lighthearted way is one thing, (I know Ive done it, hell I put shoes on the band in that last photoshop, but that was more a joke about the spam!) Airing legitimate grievences and disapointment is also valid.
I can also understand the fans view of losing interest and involvement because of things hoped for, undelivered. It becomes a unfortunate negative feedback loop for the artist. Less fan support, less the artist can produce, less produced less interest etc.

but the vitriol and harsh judgement seems something else. Do the people who do this think this helps encourage Carl to do anything? Or the people helping him to feel good about it? What is that ment to accomplish? You can't expect higher things from people as you are putting them down. It just shuts down motivation. Considering he has kept things going all these years, through various line up changes , to try and keep the music alive, in any form, should be appreciated. Not an easy feat.

No one knows what someone else is going through unless they know them personally, or what goes on behind the scenes or in their personal journey. Until they have walked in that persons shoes and seen through their eyes, they don't know what that person is up against to judge. Their reasons for doing things the way they do. Who knows what is truly in someones head or heart?

In reality it hurts the person hatefully judging more. It is a display that shows them for what they are, more than the person they are judging. It reveals all their lack of insight, compassion, tolerance and grace of being. IF the person has self awareness let them take this as an opportunity for growth from this toxicity.

I can relate to this because Ive been wrongfully the innocent victim of misjudgment by certain people in my time. They have no idea who I am, what Ive been through, or the burdens I've carried. Expecting more from me than I can deliver then hating on me for it. laying blame for what THEY caused as their defense mechanism of their own wounded soul. Claim you are the venomous one after they shook their rattle then bit your foot. Your the demon though they are the ones with one foot in hell and the other on your doomsday button. As for me I'm proud of my choices in life and my intents to do good, even if they don't always turn out that way and not everyone agrees with them.


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